The Artist

Marina Villani

Glass Artist

The new millenium was the turning point for me. I discovered glass in 1997.


What began as a hobby very quickly became an obsession. Within 3 months I had my first kiln, then a second, then a third. I attended every glass workshop I could find and as these were few and far between I began to do my own research, practice and lots and lots of reading. Being ‘self-taught’ in this way has meant that my style has developed in an unconventional way. Nothing has been ‘easy’ but the mistakes have certainly paid off taking me in directions I never dreamed of.

In 2004 I retired from a teaching career that spanned 30 years and moved to our little piece of paradise, "Myriad" in Kilmore.

From here I create, teach and share my passion with anyone who cares to visit.

In all of us there is the seed of creativity.  It is what makes us human.  There is a need to express our environments and the emotions they invoke and at times words are not enough.  It was in glass that I found my ‘voice’.

I love the interaction between the glasscutter, the glass and me.  I thrive on the contradictory nature of my medium: the flow, the unyielding solidity, the nothingness of transparency and the colour.  But above all I live for the interplay of carefully planned execution and unexpected interference of the ‘Kiln Gods’ 

The Studio

The Myriad Glass Studio, set on a five-acre property in Kilmore, was designed to be flexible. It regularly transforms from glass studio to teaching space to tourist attraction.

The main activities at the studio are Kiln-forming, also known as Fusing and Slumping, and Glass Mosaics.

Through these processes my aim is to offer a “Myriad” of glass solutions.

Whether it be a water feature, dichroic jewellery, custom made trophies or a truly unique piece of glass art each item can be individually designed to your personal requirements.

Because all glass works whether decorative or functional are fully handcrafted here at the studio, the results are innovative, unique and flexible.


20 Trainers Drive

Kilmore, Vic. 3764


Tel: 0419 255 592


Myriad Glass Studio

Marina Villani