The Artist

Marina Villani

Glass Artist

The new millenium was the turning point for me. I discovered glass in 1997 and what can only be described as obsession became my passion and my voice. In 2004 I packed my kilns and moved to our little piece of paradise, "Myriad" in Kilmore.

From here I create, teach and share my passion with anyone who cares to visit.


The years have been littered with many failures...NO ...experiments and as many successes.


*2005   Greater Western Camber of Commerce & Industry:

               'Seeds of Growth', winning trophy design.

*2007    Tallarook Art Show:

               'Regent Honeyeaters', Highly Commended

*2017    Melbourne teapot Exhibition:

               ' Teapot Trilogy' , Highly Commended

*2018     Festival of Glass.

               'Point Lonsdale Light House' ,  Bellawein Award 1st Prize

               Lamp: 'Bird of Paradise',  Functional Award 1st Prize

*2019     Woodend Art Show

               Jewellery: 'Ocean Blue',  Highly Commended

*2019     Festival of Glass.

               'Kookaburra'  Bellawein Award Highly Commended

               Waterfeature: 'Bottomless Cup'  Functional Highly Commended

*2020     Festival of Glass.

               'The Fishing Lesson'  Best in Show


In all of us there is the seed of creativity.  It is what makes us human.  There is a need to express our environments and the emotions they invoke and at times words are not enough.  It was in glass that I found my ‘voice’.

I love the interaction between the glasscutter, the glass and me.  I thrive on the contradictory nature of my medium: the flow, the unyielding solidity, the nothingness of transparency and the colour.  But above all I live for the interplay of carefully planned execution and unexpected interference of the ‘Kiln Gods’ 

The Studio

The Myriad Glass Studio, set on a five-acre property in Kilmore, was designed to be flexible. It regularly transforms from glass studio to teaching space to tourist attraction.

The main activities at the studio are Kiln-forming, also known as Fusing and Slumping, and Glass Mosaics.

It is also the home of MAGS (Mosaic Artisans Group) an unfunded group of volunteers that come together to produce art works for the local community. I provide free lessons, materials and coffee. Together we produce works of for our community!


20 Trainers Drive

Kilmore, Vic. 3764


Tel: 0419 255 592


Myriad Glass Studio

Marina Villani